Two of my favorite hobbies. Weekend projects and Wine!

It’s Wednesday… I have stumbled upon a life altering solution to a problem I have and this week weekend project.

This is my place on the couch.


And this is my favorite adult beverage after a long day of soul crushing corporate work…


How glaring is it, that my place on the couch, DOES NOT include a place for my wine. This is a SERIOUS problem.

But, call me Olivia Pope, because I am going to fix this!

This week’s weekend project is a VERY aesthetically pleasing couch arm table… thingy. Not quite sure what to call it. But I’m envisioning it will look like the supermodel baby of these two…. YeahImage result for couch arm holder

Sofa Chair Arm Rest Tray Table Stand with Side Storage Slot for Magazines

           Couch thingy 2



Let’s make a home for my wine glass! Or, your drink of choice. I’m going to assume, you make better life choices than I do :)

Ready? Time for a long overdue weekend project…

Completed. One weekend, One project and One new bookshelf. DIY blueprints included….

It’s Sunday night, last night of my weekend project. And I am beat. Like super beat. Exhausted.

But……. Taaaa Daaaaa… Someone once told me…. “Never say Taaa daaaa, unless you’re a magician” or maybe I saw it in a TV show… Once again blurring the lines between reality and Hollywood…… Anyway…..

bookshelf completed blogDefinitely the most photogenic project I’ve ever done. It has an heir of expense, doesn’t it! That’s what I was going for.

Happy to report, no injuries. Which is rare…. But it was complicated… And I had to do……………… MATH….



This all started because of my online shopping addiction. This CB2 bookshelf/room divider caught my attention.


I challenged myself to make it. Let’s compare……

CB2 Bookshelf My Bookshelf
v-bookcase-room-divider bookcase 3
$700 $75 (Wood- $64, Nails & Screws- $3, Sandpaper- $3, Stain- $5)
Benefit of the doubt here. 2 hours of assembly time. Just a guess. 10 hours to assemble… From scratch of course.
Shelves: 7 Shelves: 6 (we could always add one)
Width: 35.25″   Depth: 13.25″   Height: 75″ Width: 35”   Depth: 9.2″   Height: 85″

I started with planning and blueprints… The most boring part. Deciding the height and depth and width.

Me at lowes

Bought the stuff…



Now more planning, but with the actual materials. Planning is dangerous… It’s like a gateway drug to OCD. You can plan and plan… but then you just feign to plan more…. But I digress.

Time to build the 2 frames! Measure, mark, math… repeat!

Bookshelf frames

                 More planning.


                                                                       And more planning..


Measure, mark, math… Repeat.

I’ve used the circular saw. A lot.. At a 45 degree angle, never.

It’s not so bad though…

After the cuts….  It’s time to assemble. Degrees cheat


This part, was the hardest part. Hands down… It’s time consuming and complicated. Double, and triple checking angles and levels. I spell out all the details in the blueprints… Find them on the projects page or here.

Fast forward a couple hours….  Sanding time… Which is consider meditation…bookshelf sanding

Then Staining.…

And….. I say again.

bookcase 3





bookcase 2

bookcase 1





Ta Da!!!! We’ve done magic.

So… One weekend, one project and one new bookshelf.


What do you think????

Ready to take it on?


See me in action, and get my blueprints to make it yourself on my projects page here. The blueprints includes a shopping list, tools requirements, and the step-by-step directions.

Email me at if you have any questions or would like to be added to the newsletter!

Keep up to date on the newest projects and my real time progress on Twitter @TheNewHeirloom

Until the next weekend!

–    Britt

Confessions, A $700 bookshelf, and my first weekend project… Oh my!

I’m confessing. Telling you straight up. I have an online shopping addiction. It’s serious! You know those pesky emails you get from every store you’ve ever stepped in, like ever. I actually open those emails. I actually check out those sales. It’s a real problem. I think the worst part is, that I’m only window shopping…. Or computer screen shopping. My carts are always FULL. But never purchased. Those poor lonely unwanted items…

Anyway, this week, I think it may pay off! Doing my standard computer screen shopping I came across a shelving unit. It is a gorgeous piece of modern shelving…. Guess how much though… $700! $699 to be exact.


I say my addiction will pay off, because….This, I think I can make. SO! This will be my very FIRST WEEKEND PROJECT…. Valued at $700 :)

Of course, I’m gonna make some changes and tailor it to my space…. You can do the same. But. If, you would prefer to purchase it, you can find it here.

Let’s do this!

Why Hello!

Hey!! I’m Brittany. You can call me Britt….. I hope someone is actually reading this :)

Who am I.  A question that always takes longer to answer than it should…

I am, in fact, random. A walking contradiction of sorts. In my randomness, I found a hobby, but it’s really more of a passion. What is it?

Woodworking, crafting, furniture building, fixing things, creating things…. General handiness? I’m not sure what to call it…. But it’s all of those things… And being I have no training, and average tools found in any household I have made my fair share of mistakes. I’ve also made a few pieces of furniture for family and friends that I consider to be a success. Mistakes and all, I enjoy it, I love it, but I didn’t just stumble upon it.

Monday through Friday has nothing to do with saws or wood. Really, it couldn’t be further from that.  I have the standard, behind a desk, computer screen within a cubicle corporate job, which we can discuss later, but leaves me antsy.

By week I lead my stuffy corporate life, but by weekend, I am transformed into a coveralls wearing handy chick.

Corporate me
Literally my LinkedIn photo. Ugh.


I wasn’t born with power tools in hand….. This mild obsession came about 2 years ago, when I bought my first home. If you thought stretching a dollar in college was a skill you mastered, buy your first home, and get laid off a week later. I’ve become fluent in the art of being stingy…..

Me with saw
Alter Ego

But even after I joined the workforce again, and started becoming a regular contributing citizen when attempting to tastefully furnish my house I ran into trouble.

I felt too old, or maybe sick of, head to toe Ikea furnishings. I’m also not rich enough to afford the furniture I really want. In true me fashion, I, impulsively decided I would make my own furniture. Easy enough right.


And that’s where the blog begins!!!!